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Athena Academic Tracker

We are delighted to inform you that our school has introduced 'Athena' an online academic tracker for all of our students. We called an assembly on Tuesday and briefed our sixth year students on the benefits of Athena. We highlighted to them the importance of setting their own academic goals informed by past performance in assessments. Each student was provided with their own individual report during the assembly.
The Athena Tracker is an academic monitoring tool which creates a student’s baseline potential in each subject and highlights when a student falls below this potential and may need further support. This baseline is based their CAT 4 (entrance aptitude exam) and on a statistical model built using the exam results of all of the previous results of students on the software.

The purpose is to highlight when a student’s performance falls below this potential and may need further support. When a student falls below their potential in any subject, the teacher can see this and can investigate what is going on with the student and whether any additional support or intervention is required thus ensuring no student gets missed in a very busy school system.

Students 'expected grade' will change over the course of the academic year. If students achieve higher than their ' expected grade' in their Christmas exam, then their 'expected grade' for their Summer exam will increase slightly. Likewise, if a student scores below their 'potential grade' in their Christmas exams then the 'expected grade' will decrease for their Summer exam. Over the course of their time in school they will see a line graph based on their actual results and their expected results.

Athena's aim is to help students reach their potential and not to cause anxiety. We advise that all sixth years check in with their guidance counsellor to discuss their report if they are stressed. We encourage all sixth years to schedule their one-to-one appointments with their designated guidance counsellor in the coming weeks.
We are there to assist in making study plans, goal setting and to empower students to make informed career/college choices.
Example of a 5th year student:
As you can see from the line graph below the students expected results will change according to how the students performs in their Christmas and Summer Exams.

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