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College and Careers Fair

Open to all parents/guardians - College Awareness Week. Wednesday 30th November 2022. College Stands - 6:30 - 7:30pm CAO talk - 7:30pm

The guidance department is organising a College Career Fair for TY, 5th and 6th year students and Parents as part of our Whole School Guidance and College Awareness Week initiative.

This event is open to Parents of all year groups. It is a great opportunity for Parents to talk directly to the colleges and enterprises.

We have over 20 stands - from Universities to Post Leaving Certificate stands and Apprenticeships.

At 19:30 the guidance department will host a 'All You Need to Know CAO talk.' This event is not to be missed.

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A group of our wonderful 6th Years attended a lovely meditation workshop, organised by Birr Library and Ms W


Well done to our 1st Yr Wood Tech. students on completion of their desk tidy project as part of their taster

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