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Key Information for Leaving Certificate Students 2021


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Leaving Cert Results - Next Steps

This step by step guide is everything you need to know about Leaving Cert Results, CAO Offers, and optionsoutside CAO. The menu items address some of the main concerns that arise at this important time and offer practical information and advice.

Leaving Cert 2021 New Points will be Live here at 2pm on 7th September

1. Leaving Cert Results Day

Results of Leaving Certificate 2021 will issue directly to students through the student portal from 10.00am on Friday September 3rd 2021. Results will also issue simultaneously to students’ schools.

Students will recieve the highest result achieved in each subject based on whether they sat the Leaving Cert examination in that particular subject or opted for Accredited Grades. If students only opted for accredited grades in a subject and did not sit an exam then that is the only grade that will be given.

The Accredited Grades will provide you with a formal record of your work and achievements in second-level school and will be accepted by employers and colleges.

Leaving Certificate 2021 - Student Portal

After Leaving Cert results are issued the following are important to consider:

  1. CAO offers and acceptances - All key dates here.
  2. Money Matters - Grant Applications; Accommodation arrangements etc.
  3. Other Options - Contingency plans; Repeat Leaving Cert; PLC (Post Leaving Cert Courses); UCAS clearing; Gap year and Study Abroad options.

The relevant sections in this guide that will help you to understand Leaving Cert Results Day are below:

  • How to Access Your Results
  • Calculate Your Leaving Cert Points
  • Understanding Accredited Grades
  • How to Cope with a Disappointing Leaving Cert
  • Repeating the Leaving Cert
  • Second Chance Maths Exams
  • Leaving Cert Appeals
  • Leaving Cert Helpline / College Supports
  • Department of Education Updates

2. CAO Offers

The first round of CAO offers (Round 1) will be made available to applicants on line from 2.00pm on September 7th. Successful applicants will also receive an email notification. This Round 1 offer will contain the highest choice, for which the applicant has achieved the required number of points and entry requirements, from their 1-10 CAO application lists.

  • Do not panic. If you have followed the few simple CAO instructions you will not lose any place to which you are entitled.
  • Read the CAO Handbook, especially pages 16 to 19.
  • Read the correspondence sent by CAO in May.
  • Do not miss the deadline, 3.00pm on September 13th for accepting the offer. If you do, the place will be offered to another applicant.
  • There is no need to inform CAO if you do NOT wish to accept an offer. Due to the large numbers of people involved, it will be very difficult to telephone CAO at the Offer Stage.
  • All email enquiries received from applicants are processed as fast as possible by the CAO. Enquiries should be made by using the Correspondence Section of your CAO account
  • When calculating points for the Leaving Certificate, remember that only your best 6 subjects are counted.
  • Acceptance of offers cannot be made by telephone, fax or email. Only an online acceptance will secure a place.
  • When making an online acceptance make sure that you follow all of the directions on the screen.
  • If you wish to defer the place until next year, read page 19 of the CAO Handbook. Do not contact CAO, make contact with Admissions in the college.

The relevant sections in this guide that will help you to understand CAO Offers are below:

  • CAO 2021 Key Dates
  • CAO POINTS 2021
  • Understanding CAO Offers
  • CAO Available (Vacant) Places
  • Accepting a College Place
  • Deferring a College Place

3. Other Options Outside CAO

There are many options available to students outside the CAO system. Explore some of the Non-CAO Options open to Students and Adult Learners in the 'Other Options Outside CAO' menu item.

  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Repeat Leaving Cert
  • Springboard Courses
  • Employer-Sponsored Programmes
  • Gap Year
  • Graduate Entry Programmes
  • Non-CAO Undergraduate Courses
  • Post Leaving Cert Courses
  • Repeat Leaving Cert
  • Study Abroad
  • UCAS Clearing

4. Going to College

The relevant sections in this guide that will help you in accepting your college place and starting your exciting journey are:

  • College Registration & Orientation
  • College Checklist for Students
  • Supported Routes to College - HEAR/DARE
  • Grants and Scholarships

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