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The Guidance and Counselling Department at St. Brendan's Community school is facilitated by 2 fully qualified guidance counsellors Ms. P. White and Ms. T. Cusack. The guidance counsellors are members of The Institiute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC). Guidance and Counselling has three dimensions and involves supporting the student's career/vocational development, educational guidance and personal/social guidance.

The Guidance and Counselling team aim to ensure all students have access to appropriate guidance to support their educational, personal, social and career development. This is done through a wide range of guidance activities including; class based guidance, presentations on guidance topics, small focus group work, visiting speakers, visits out to career and college events, online guidance, one-to-one appointments.

Individual appointments are available on request. The student may sign up at the guidance counsellor's office or a parent/guardian or teacher may request or refer a student for an appointment.

The Guidance Counsellors have input in the Transition Year and Leaving Certificate Applied Programmes with these students have one Career Guidance Class per week. The Guidance Counsellors also teach the LCVP students as part of the Link Module classes. At Junior Cycle the Guidance Counsellors are involved in the planning and implementation of Wellbeing, SPHE and other guidance related activities.

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