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Bespoke Online Device Store - St. Brendan's CS

Bespoke Online Device Store - St. Brendan's CS

Information on our Bespoke Online Device Store for Parents/Guardians

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General Points to Note:

  • The Device is not compulsory. It is merely a recommendation for those who need/wish to purchase or update their home device. Students will not be at a disadvantage if they do not purchase the device.
  • If you have a device at present, there is no requirement to purchase an additional device. All students of St. Brendan’s Community School have a school email address which allows for 5 downloadable copies of Office 365 for FREE which can be downloaded to your home device/s.
  • We will still be using our schoolbooks as normal in the next academic year. The device will not be required in school, rather for home use. School books will not be loaded on the device. The publisher apps will be available on the devices. From here students can simply open the publisher app, enter in the eBook code that is available on the inside of their physical bookand download the eBook version
  • If you are a family with more than one child, you can obtain a shared family device. You must link in with Wriggle to inform them of your requirement for a shared family device. If you purchase one device, please quote your order number and the child’s name that you purchased the device for when requesting a shared device. You will then need to give the additional sibling names to Wriggle for the completion of this setup process.
  • The device will be setup with our school’s policy on Apps and websites. If you require other Apps to be loaded to the device, you must inform Wriggle. The device will be under our school’s Wi Fi restrictions if/when in school, when at home, it falls under your Internet setup and restrictions therein.
  • There is no grant available towards the cost of the device.
  • Please refer to

For the Roadmap for Reopening schools. All students will be returning as outlined in our summer newsletter in adherence to our DES mandates and Guidelines.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

With a view to returning to school for our next academic year, we have had several requests for recommendations in terms of purchasing a device for students' home use.

As a dedicated Microsoft school, we recommend the Surface bundle deals offered by Wriggle. Students of St. Brendan’s Community School are eligible for Office 365 Education for FREE,including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and now Microsoft Teams, plus additional classroom tools using their valid school email address.

We have organised the setup of our Bespoke Online Wriggle Store if you are interested in purchasing a device for your son/daughter. Please note this is not a compulsory requirement for students, but it is advisable that all students have access to a device for our next academic year, in conjunction with our remote teaching, learning and assessment (TLA) and blended learning.

This store has been built for students in St. Brendan’s Community School, and specifically for each year group which includes the device (Surface Go 2), case, pen and service and support therein.

What is included in the service and support?

Bespoke set up and management of each individual student device to the school's specifications

  • Securing each student device with a device management profile which ensures that it is safe and secure and can be used for educational purposes only at school
  • Each device undertakes a rigorous 77 step configuration process overseen and managed by our dedicated Microsoft Engineers
  • Instalment of school specific applications to each individual student device
  • School specific device restrictions applied to fully adhere to school policy
  • The creation and installation of book publisher accounts (where applicable)
  • Deployment of additional Apps and Services to each student device for a full-service period

Full phone and email support for all App technical issues that students, or you as a parent/guardian may have, including:

  • Support for any technical issues with the device
  • Application Support to ensure optimal performance of educational apps
  • Device Enablement in cases where devices become Locked or ‘Disabled’
  • Device Reconfiguration to school specifications
  • 3rd Party Account Support including device management applications such as InTune
  • Warranty repairs and support
  • Logistics repairs support
  • Ongoing application deployment
  • Full-service period of email & phone support for parents
  • Full-service period software cover
  • Full-service period Mobile Device Management licence and platform maintenance

Parents can pay/ part pay, via credit or debit card, through flexifi or the credit union. All this can be actioned via the store.

Please see attached an information sheet specific to each year group around pricing and store information. Attached also is a brief video to aid you.

For further guidance and information, please feel free to contact Wriggle at the following:

Contact Us | Wriggle Learning

WRIGGLE Unit G6, Calmount Business Park , Ballymount, Dublin 12, D12 XW25 Phone:01 500 9060 Wriggle 1:1 schools click here to contact us via your client portal.

Kind regards,

Fidelma Foy

Deputy Principal

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