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Student Voice

Year Report

With great pleasure, we are delighted to report that the Student Voice was founded this past year, thanks to the hard work and support of all members of the school community. We would like to express our particular gratitude to the hard work of Ms. C. Boland and Ms. F. Foy for their support in the founding of the Student Voice.

The Student Voice aims to serve as a new and exciting revival of the student council, with an emphasis on student leadership and student welfare to the forefront of this advisory committee.

Since its foundation, the Student Voice has grown from strength to strength. The past academic years saw regular meetings of the committee members, along with a visit to the Offaly Comhairle na nÓg AGM, in Tullamore, training for committee members, links with our Green Schools Committee and representing our school at all public events, parent teacher meetings etc.

The Student Voice is delighted to report that the committee is actively growing with this year’s current membership including First to Sixth Year students; all working together towards creating a caring community of learning where each individual is valued as a unique human being; where all students are given a voice and are listened to.

A student perspective from our Media Team:

In 2017-2018, we established a schools “Media Team” under the help and coordination of Mr. Byrne and Ms. Foy and student, Adam Hart, a then TY student now currently in 5th year. One of their first jobs as part of the Media Team was to coordinate and complete an audit & a count of all equipment that belonged to the school. We then began to diversify and setup an email account and began our journey in servicing our school in all things media related. We worked in close liaison with Mr. B. Kennedy who coordinates our Facebook page, Mr. P. Flaherty who coordinates our social media accounts and Ms. F. Foy who coordinates our twitter account. We provided a PR link where all events, sporting, academic or any event celebrating the school successes over the year was covered by our team. All students and staff who wished to have coverage of any event on all social media platforms would contact the team in advance and we would organise to have the event recorded and filmed and subsequently uploaded to our social platforms. We are actively building and developing on this to date.

A further initiative our Media Team and newly established Digital Team began working on the “STEM primary schools”. Here we were involved in the School Digital Champion, a competition ran by the Department of Education and the Department of Communications. Local primary students in the Birr region have taken part in this competition, which has been and continues to be coordinated from St. Brendan’s Community School. Our project is a digital weather station. We have created the fully functional weather station and it is on display in our school, linked to and providing daily reads to an internal computer we have built and designed.

We have been working on plans to build a weather station for each primary school in conjunction with Mr. Byrne and Ms. Foy. It is very important for students to be involved in STEAM initiatives. A lot of coding has gone into the weather station. We will continue to give students a basic understanding of coding. We are making a Stevenson screen out of Lego and we will show them the construction process.

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