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Student Voice

Student Voice

The Student Voice Committee of St. Brendan’s Community School comprises of students from each year group who self-nominate themselves at the beginning of the academic year.

Meetings are held once a month giving students the opportunity to discuss issues of general concern to the student body and to voice their opinions within the school.

Any decisions reached or suggestions made are reported back to the student body.

Members of the Student Voice are called upon to represent the school at public functions.


To be the voice of the student body and to listen to issues and problems concerning them.

To report on issues at monthly meetings.

To participate in the drafting and development of school policies.

To liaise with the student voice facilitator, the principal and deputy principals and other members of staff.

To create a pleasant environment for students that enhances the wellbeing of the student body.

To represent the school and students at youth events such as Offaly ‘Comhairle na nÓg’.

To maintain a high standard of quality in the school building and school facilities for students.

Student Voice Committee Members 2023/2024


Student Name

6th Year/LCA2

Róisín McAteer 

Max Dermody-Dobbs 

Bronagh Walsh 

Katie Gallagher 

Joshua Flanagan 

5th Year/LCA 1

Anna-Maria Florea 

Emma Vaughan 

Evan Brady  

Míchéal McAteer 

Leah O’Meara

Szanel Ciwinska

Transition Year

Aoibhe Carroll

Moya Guinan

Carmina Mulcahy Viegas

Conor Kelly

3rd Year

Shahed Al Moubayed 

Josie Flanagan 

2nd Year

Dara Delaney 

Lynn Hollywood 

1st Year

Grace Johnston

Amelia McLoughlin

Shane Bradley

Student Voice Officers 2023/2024

Chairperson: Róisín McAteer 

Secretary: Anna-Maria Florea 

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