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School Tour Policy


St. Brendan’s Community School Policy on School Tours

 School tours provide students with an enriching educational experience which broadens their minds, helps their social development and supports learning in a wide range of curricular areas.

The purpose of our policy is to ensure that everyone concerned is fully informed on all the issues involved so that the students may gain the maximum benefit.

The guidelines outlined in this document have been drawn up to provide for the health and safety of students and teachers taking part in school tours.  To this end a reasonable teacher/pupil ratio will obtain on school tours to ensure as far as is practicable that adequate supervision is available.

“Tours should be planned in consultation with parents well in advance of tour dates.  The full cost should be communicated at the planning stage”.   Dept. Guidelines M20/04

A meeting is held with parents in the school outlining all provisions in relation to costs, travel plans, insurance, parental permission, rules for student behaviour and sanctions.

“Adequate insurance cover must be in place and written parental approval must be obtained for each pupil to take part in the tour” (Dept. Guidelines)


Forms to be signed:-

  1. Parental Consent form (signed by Parent), which also indemnifies the Board and

it’s agents against any claim arising from unlawful activity by students.

  1. Agreement to abide by the rules drawn up by the organisers (signed by Parent & Student)
  2. Medical Consent form (signed by Parent)
  • Information regarding any medical condition to be notified in writing to the tour organiser.  Parents will be informed as soon as possible about any illness which occurs while the student is on tour.
  • Students are responsible for having their own up-to-date passport and European Health Insurance Card.
  • Students will be given copies of tour arrangements, rules and sanctions.  Parents should keep a copy of the address and phone number of the accommodation in case they need to make contact.  Students should also have the address and phone number in their possession at all times.

All tours occur under the Child Protection Guidelines 2004.  This includes the designation of a liaison person from among staff travelling with group to act in case of need.



Students are to be delivered to the bus pick up point at the school by their Parents.

Students’ passports and boarding cards may be taken up and held by teachers between check-in and boarding and again after having gone through passport control at the tour destination.

Students’ belongings may be checked on arrival at the hotel or at any time during their stay, particularly on their return from outings or shopping.

Students do not have permission to leave the hotel unless authorised by or accompanied by a teacher.

Deposits for good behaviour may be taken up by the hotel or by the organisers.

If shopping time is allowed students should remain in groups.  No student should wander off alone.

Punctuality is most important in order to keep to the planned schedule.

  • Students must abide by normal school rules and obey instructions from those in charge.
  • Courtesy and good behaviour are expected at all times.  
  • Alcohol or any illegal substances are strictly forbidden.
  • Students must go to their rooms at the bedtimes which are decided by the tour organisers and are not allowed on corridors or in the other rooms after that time.
  • In the interests of safety, all hotel balconies are out of bounds.
  • There must be no noise or disturbance after the prescribed bedtime as everyone needs to be rested in order to benefit from the programme of activities laid out for the tour.
  • Students should come to the table for all meals, chat sociably with their companions and not leave the table until everybody has finished.
  • Mobile phones will be handed in at night to the teachers.


  1. Teachers will have students’ home phone numbers and may phone home to inform parents of breaches of rules.
  2. Students may be fined for misbehaviour.
  3. Should there be a serious breach of school rules the students concerned will be sent home immediately with full onus, including costs involved, resting with            Parent(s) or Guardian(s).
  4. In disciplinary matters the teacher’s word is final.

Addendum Required under Child Protection Guidelines:-

Each tour will have a designated liaison person in compliance with Child Protection Guidelines to whom concerns about student welfare should be reported.  The designated liaison person will contact the schools D. L. P. for reporting to Family Services of

  1. S. E.

Created 12/10/2005 Reviewed 13/2/2007, 27/3/07, 18/10/10

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