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SIP Literacy


Our School Improvement Plan (Literacy)

Summary of main strengths as outlined in SSE (2014)

  • 86% of teachers have a very skills focused approach.

  • 43% of teachers considered the systematic development and application of literacy in their teaching.

  • 80% of teachers use diverse teaching methodologies, including widespread use of ICT.

  • More pupil centred methodologies are less in evidence, with slightly less than 60% of teachers using these.

  • Higher and lower order questioning is in evidence in the 90% of classes.

Areas for improvement

  • Affect an increase in the number of students reading for pleasure.

  • Increased expectations and standards in writing across the curriculum.

  • The development of comprehension and group-work strategies across all subject areas.

  • Increase the number of students taking higher level in certain subjects for both JC and LC.

  • Teachers to focus on the development of literacy as well as knowledge and skills.

Our targets

  • Increase the number of students reading for pleasure from 16% to 18% in year one.

  • Reduce the number of students that do not read from 28% to 24% in year one.

  • Increase the number of students re-drafting their work from 10% to 12% using assessment for learning.

  • Increase the number of students that are comfortable with sharing their ideas from 24% to 28%.


  • Students will re-sit the CAT test in third year in order to assess improvement.

  • Teachers should write the lesson objective and homework on the board.

  • Teachers should focus on subject specific keyword acquisition.

  • Each department will continue to assess certificate exam results and assign subject specific targets.

Persons responsible

  • Management

  • Whole staff

  • Literacy committee

  • Committed (yet to be decided) to implement second CATS testing

Measurable outcomes as based on student questionnaire, April 2015.
  • Target: increase the number of students reading for pleasure from 16% to 18%. The actual increase was 20% a 2% higher increase than expected.

  • Target: decrease the number not reading at all from 27% down to 24%. The actual decrease was down to 17%, 7% higher than anticipated.

  • Those who enjoy or really enjoy reading is 41%.

  • The number that enjoy reading is at 25%. This is less than ideal. It seems that students are reading more, but perhaps not enjoying it as much as they could.

Further Actions

  • Third year students will re-sit their CAT tests so that we may quantify improvement (or dis-improvement) in literacy.

  • Parents will be surveyed in relation to literacy. This will facilitate a community approach to literacy

  • We will try to decrease the number of students who dislike or strongly dislike reading.

Review dates

April 2016

April 2017

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