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St. Brendan’s vs St. Kieran’s of Kilkenny 16/11/2017


St. Brendan’s first year hurlers got off to a great start with a well-deserved 5-7 to 4-3 victory over St. Kieran’s College of Kilkenny at our home field.

The first half was very competitive, St. Brendan’s showed that they were as skilful and determined as the St. Kieran’s outfit, scores were hard come by with St. Brendan’s edging the score at halftime. St. Kieran’s centre forward was a hand full in the first half but St. Brendan’s backs stood strong for the most part. Half time St. Brendan’s 1-3 St. Kieran’s 1-2.Ben Miller with some great saves in the first and second half and his distribution was intelligent, all the backs played well but in particular Cian Nolan, Albie Watkins. Darragh Mcnamara and Eoin Bourke were very solid through the game. Andrew Coakley, Peter King, Shane Connolly were the pick of the forwards. Steven Gilligan and Michael O’Connor made telling especially towards the end of the game. Darragh Tierney got a heavy knock in the first half but stood firm throughout as well as Charlie Hogan, Patrick Bergin and Canice Stevenson. Looking at the game from the outside it was clear that everybody played their part. Full time score 5-7 to 4-3 also huge congratulations to our B team who beat St. Kieran’s 0-9 to 1-1.Our next match is on Wednesday 22/11/2017 against CBS Kilkenny. Best of luck to all involved.


1 Ben Miller

  1. Cian Nolan
  2. Charlie Hogan
  3. Canice Stevenson
  4. Patrick Bergin
  5. Darragh Tierney
  6. Albie Watkins
  7. Darragh McNamara
  8. Eoin Bourke
  9. Stephen Gilligan
  10. Andrew Coakley
  11. Shane Connolly
  12. Peter King
  13. Michael O’Connor
  14. Gearoid Dooley


  1. Gearoid Dooley off Lee Brown on.


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